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Tech Zone / Re: Problem with network drive
« Last post by zingle on Today at 12:25 AM »
I was talking bolox. On closer inspection I reaslised that it's a 3TB that I ntfs formatted to 1.5TB. I didn't bother redoing that as 1.5TB is fine for my purposes. As for the rest, I'll plug it back in to my PC and have a butchers. Ta m8 :)

you can just extend it no messing
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 19 August 2019, 06:39: PM »
chop chop
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 19 August 2019, 03:53: PM »
On in about half hour ;D
Computer Gaming / Re: SNG™
« Last post by Ramrod on 18 August 2019, 06:30: PM »
Going on. I'll try to behave......
Fun Stuff / Re: Jokes
« Last post by Scary on 18 August 2019, 05:27: PM »
From my hotel room I dialled the number of the local brothel. A silky-voiced woman asked how she could be of any assistance. I got straight to the point and explained I wanted dominatrix, spanking, leather, PVC, and a slow, long blow job. She said, “Sir for an outside number, please press 9 first.
Fun Stuff / Re: Jokes
« Last post by Ramrod on 18 August 2019, 04:02: PM »
My mate came second in a Winston Churchill lookalike competition. He was close, but no cigar.
Fun Stuff / Re: Youtube Video of the day
« Last post by Ramrod on 18 August 2019, 12:50: PM »
Fun Stuff / Re: Jokes
« Last post by MovedGoalPosts on 16 August 2019, 07:29: PM »
One night there was a panda who was feeling rather amorous and as there was a shortage of female pandas he decided to head down to the local red light district. He approached a few of the "locals" without much joy but eventually he persuaded one of the prostitutes to take him back to her flat. Eventually they arrive at the flat but before they begin the Panda asks for a favour.

"I'm really, really hungry - all this walking has taken it out of me, would it be possible to get something to eat first to build my stamina back up". The prostitute cant believe the cheek but eventually agrees and rustles up a plate of egg and chips. The panda wolfs the lot down, hardly pausing to chew on it.

After finishing the food they make their way to the bedroom and the panda proceeds to give the prostitute the best time of her life, she has orgasm after orgasm in a marathon session - eventually after about 5 hours the panda lets out a moan as he finishes the job. He instantly gets up, puts on his panda clothes and makes his way towards the door.

"Whoooaaaaa" the prostitute pants, still recovering. "where do you think your going, what about my money?".

"What money?" says the panda "i've finished now i'm off home". The prositiute summons up the last of her energy and walks (somewhat bow-legged) over to the bookcase where she pulls out a dictionary and flicks it open at the letter P.

"Prostitute" she starts "one who offers sexual intercourse in return for payment". The panda takes the dictionary off her, turns back a couple of pages and replies.

"Panda - Eats shoots and leaves".......
Tech Zone / Changing which server I connect to ?
« Last post by bopdude on 15 August 2019, 11:17: AM »
My internet is running slow, according to Ookla I'm getting 64 down from the local ( Middlesbrough ) server, if I change it to York in Ookla then I get 380 down, is there some way I can either test proper or change settings within the hub ?

General Discussion / Re: Happy Thought of the Day: The Next Generation.
« Last post by IMPz on 14 August 2019, 10:51: PM »
If there is still a pulse there is hope  Storm, good to hear from you  :)
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