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Wii U Anyone?

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Have a Wii that my eldest enjoys, and I'm thinking of getting a Wii U next year.  Anyone got one? Played with one?

He's too young for one of the other consoles and they're a little bit more 'serious' so Wii U seems the next, natural step.

Assume you can play old Wii games?  Might keep the Wii anyway for one of their bedrooms when they get a tele in there.

Nah, giving it a miss but Alex is awaiting the next xbox in a years time :)

I believe the ex has got Peter one, he will no doubt being it when he comes next Friday I will tell you what I think then.

It looks like it carries on the Wii playability with nicer graphics etc....

With the kids being 5 and 2 I think its worth getting at some point.  Perhaps prices will drop next year too.

xbox kinect pisses all over the wii even PS3 move is better more accurate. I would modify the wii and install loads and loads of games to a hdd the kids will never get bored and then when old enough kinect


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