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[NTHW] Clan:
[NTHW] is a fun and friendly clan. We try not to take things too seriously.
We are up for the occasional friendly scrim - if there is such a thing as a friendly when the object is to shoot anything that moves :erm:
We can play home or away, and with notice can often get a good sized team together, especially for late evenings or weekends.
If you want to do battle, please post. :tu:
It would be helpful if you could advise us of a means of contact so arrangements can be finalised.  You might also wish to post a link to your own website / forum. We might be nosey and come and visit you ;)  We quite understand if you don't want that posted in public, please PM one of the Clan Members.
In the meantime you are always welcome to pop onto our gameservers and give us some target practice :ninja:


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