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I'm going to build myself a new PC this year
(may the lord have mercy on all our souls)
My question is regarding when I should think of doing it. Are there any new ubercomponents coming on the horizon that I should perhaps hang on for and delay my build until they are released? CPUs? GPUs? etc.....

In this day and market there's always something up-and-coming, build the best you can given budget imho

The new 3000 series nvidia cards are coming out around april. the new 4000 amd chipset is coming out soon probably around april. so what im saying is wait till april like me.

Waiting till April.....ta :tu: :)

damien c:
New Intel and AMD cpu's coming this year, but my advise would be to build a new system around the AMD Ryzen 3700x or 3900x the difference is do you want 12 cores 24 threads for around £400 to £500 or 8 cores 16 threads for around £300.

The 3950X at £700 to £750 is a waste of money unless you are going to be doing video editing and live streaming.

Ram wise 32Gb of 3200Mhz to 3600Mhz will be the ideal amount and speed.

GPU wise, well there are rumours of AMD Big Navi cards coming but no announcement and to be honest given the power draw and temps of the 5700Xt cards I would, only buy one of them if you are going to be happy running a 1Kw PSU and custom watercooling, however performance wise they are still not going to match nVidia as much as I would like them to.

nVidia are due to release there Ampere cards this year although that might not be till the end of the year because honestly they have no reason to release them any time sooner, AMD is no threat at the high end and Intel have not shown what they are going to offer yet.

Frankly if you are not building till around April time then there might be new information about GPU's but honestly if you want to build in April and want top of the range then it's going to be a 2080Ti (£1050 to £1500) or Titan RTX (£2500).

SSD wise you will finally be able to get a SSD big enough for your games, 1Tb NVME drive around £150 for a good one.

Overall I would set a budget of £2.5K to £3.5K given rising hardware prices.


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