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Author Topic: Battlefield V  (Read 1526 times)

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Re: Battlefield V
« Reply #60 on: 10 November 2018, 05:47: PM »
I guess we'll find out after full release. I seem to recall it was tricky at first with Battlefield 1, but got better after a few weeks or so.

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Re: Battlefield V
« Reply #61 on: 13 November 2018, 03:08: PM »
Initial review articles of the real released game are a bit mixed.  Most acknowledge DICE have tried to get back to some of the older BF gaming, but also needed to hang on to modern expectations of the console generation and that sort of works.  The graphics (if you have a decent card using DX11, not 12) are great and some of the chaos of war is great, but the changes during game are more subtle than BF4's levelution and BF1's Behemoths which might be a good thing?  I haven't seen much praise for the map design, that none so far are classics.  The game is launched without some of the big new features like Firestorm (the PUBG type thing) that won't be around till next March but at least (sop far) there is no payable DLC so those expansions will be part of the game price, and the only payable content should be player skins.  There are bugs not least of which are the ragdolls that will flay around through walls.  Some reviews comment that the code for shots at distance may not display stuff accurately as if frames are missing (another word for netcode and inadequate tick servers?).  Gamesradar are very scathing "right now, Battlefield 5 is the weakest entry in the series since 2015’s Battlefield Hardline."

Overall it seem the game has a number of positives, but perhaps a work in progress (but I think that is DICE all over)
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