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Jefferson Tarn

1975 - 2018
It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of Jefferson Tarn, known to many as Dill-theclaw.

Dilli (an abbreviation of Dilligaf - we'll let you google that) was a founder member of NTHW.  Despite being registered blind his reactions had been awesome.  Many a time we would find ourselves on the wrong end of a rocket launcher only to be greeted by his infectious cackle and legendary acerbic insults.  When most of us would run away from danger in game, Dilli would be running towards the carnage seeking an early demise, excitedly screaming "pick me, pick me" as his avatar was burnt to cinders.   He was a welcome participant at many of our LAN parties.  Dilli's cheerful disposition despite long term ill health was an inspiration to us all.

Our thoughts are with his wife Natalie, and Jefferson's wider family.


We have been passed the following message from Natalie from Jefferson:

NTHW - well guys what can I say - no more RPG's from your acid tongued sage.

Think of me now and again and have a round with them in my honour.

Please don't delete Digital Dilli and add a final phrase for me:

"Told you I was ill...... Now I have to use ghost RPG's"

gutted ...

I can't get my head around this :(

Rest in Peace mate.

 Words are not enough.  NTHW will never be the same without Dilli  :(

Oh no, such a shame.  RIP.


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