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[NTHW] Clan:
Damien C has arranged a 24 slot unranked Batallion 1944 server on behalf of the clan.  It is on an initial month's rental whilst we establish it's suitability, and overall interest in the game.  As we are experimenting it the map and game mode rotations are likely to change at short notice.  It is also (at least for the moment) passworded.

Any queries on server settings should be directed to Damien (not MGP) who is the sole admin.  At the moment there are no tools available to enable the clan to enjoy rcon or similar functions.

The server is currently branded nthwgaming.co.uk.

Clan members can check the password under gameservers > connections.  If you are not a clan member, and wish to join in when we are playing, please contact us on our teamspeak.

damien c:
Server name has been changed to ***Password NTHW****NTHWGaming.co.uk****

The Password whilst we wait for the developers to introduce a server sorting feature will remain as "NTHW" for all to play on the server.

If the password does not work, please contact myself or MGP (Movedgoalposts) as it may have changed for 1 night whilst the full clan plays together should we reach the numbers required to fill the server.

damien c:
The developers have now issued the ability to search and filter the servers.

As such the server name is now: NTHWGaming.co.uk and there is no longer a password on the server.

I thought i would give this another try today. When I got in there was no one on, not one person in a server. It looks like the bunny hoppers have killed this game

Yep. And iirc, the community voted to allow bunnyhopping. Voted themselves out of a game.  :(


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