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Forum Slow?

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damien c:
Ok I don't use the forum that much these day's but I do come on and check in on things each day.

Today I have noticed the forum seems very buggy, one minute it will load like it normally does really quickly and buttery smooth then the next minute it's taking upwards of 10 minutes to open a thread.

Every other site I use on a daily basis and others from google searches etc have all been perfectly fine, been uploading to youtube most of the day and that has been going at full speed the whole time, since I don't get traffic shaped on my connection anymore.

The only way to sort of resolve it for myself is to close my browser which is firefox and I tried looking at the forum on edge and it was still the same, but after closing my browser and opening it up again I have to go to another website whilst I then try to load the forum, after a minute or two it loads and it's then perfectly fine until I leave the forum and try to access it again.

Anyone else noticed a slow down on the forum today or do I need to delving in to my pc and looking to see if something is going on which honestly I don't believe is the case, because as I say everything else has been rock solid all day.

I haven't seen anything odd myself.  But then what would I know :erm:

We are running the latest forum software version and the server also has the latest php versions.

If it is only this site that seems to misbehave, then for a while I'd ignore it.  You could well be on a wild goose chase for something that will correct itself.  After all it could be as simple as a temporary routing issue.

One thing to note is that we do operate on a shared server hosting system.  It could easily be that someone is running poorly configured on their site that places strain on the server slowing down everyone else on the same host.  It can take a little while for the web hosts monitoring to pick up on that and jump on the offender.

It does seem remarkably slow for me aswell tbh I figured I was the only one that was having problems though

Fine here......

I only had 1 issue with loading a reply that took ages, other than that it was ok,


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