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[NTHW] have held a Northern LAN.  Many of our softie southerner’s almost got a nosebleed from venturing so far into foreign territory.

This was a compact LAN with only 7 clanners in attendance.  In turn that was quite spacious.  No sitting on each other during the day, and competing for shrinking floor space when crashing out for that few hours of shut eye.

Bop, having missed the previous LAN, threw open his living room.  His partner made the wise move to run away on an all inclusive bargain holiday.  She probably had the better deal.

Our LANs are becoming more about the social meet up gluttony and liver abuse, than gaming.  We did manage a bit of BF, BF4 and CoD4, but it seemed that most spent time seeking out rather dodgy videos of people doing really stupid things or partaking in eating competitions.  Worst highlight seemed to be some bloke who had two monkeys jump on his head and start humping each other :naughty: It must have been the booze :shrug:

Catering proved an interesting experience.  A few were introduced to the local “delicacy”, parmo.  This turned out to be an artery clogging sort of pizza sized flattened breaded coated chicken buried in béchamel sauce and cheese.  An all you can eat breakfast for and unlimited coffee for only £5.29 at the local pub showed the difference in cost of living up here, and even that the local takeaways would deliver with only a single dish was a surprise.  Somehow we still found space in our bloated stomachs for Bops Sunday morning fry up to send us on our way.  The diet starts tonight.

We look forward to our next gathering when maybe a few more clanners will attend.

Well it was good seeing people again, some good games and some not so good as the booze took effect :D a bit of leeching and a lot of eating, all gone now, the house is almost back in order.

Got at my brother in laws fine in just over 2 hours part 1 of the journey.

Bop thanks for hosting was a lot of fun and good to see you lot

Happy to hear you all had a great time :) hopefully I will be able to make the next one

Got home 20 minutes ago.
Excellent seeing everyone again. Big shame that our Warrington mob couldn't make it as well as all our other clanners, especially Dilli!
Thanks for hosting it Bop. It was a very good LAN  :notworthy:


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