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Author Topic: Pet Moans and Hates : The Next Generation.  (Read 227149 times)

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Re: Pet Moans and Hates : The Next Generation.
« Reply #2960 on: 13 May 2019, 09:20: AM »
Yep if the new radiator is smaller, then there are various adaptor tails that you can insert between the vale and radiator, often in place of the standard radiator tail.  So you can bridge the gap.

Doesn't work the other way round where the radiator plus the standard tails is wider than spacing between the valves.  In this case it might only be 10mm or so I need to gain but there isn't enough length in the existing pipes coming out of the wall, only 50mm to create that small flex, and by trying to bend, even in a slight swan neck so it's square to the radiator, you then reduce the projection from the wall so the valves won't be out far enough to mate up.

A rather frustrating day, so back to Screwfix for yet more parts ....

Oh and now that the system is drained down, and there are all sorts of open pipes, let's hope the cable tie arrangement to hold the feed / expansion tank float valve shut holds up.  Can't believe the mains supply to the main domestic tank and feed tank uses the same pipe with only a common shut off valve.  Yet another thing to change :(
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Re: Pet Moans and Hates : The Next Generation.
« Reply #2961 on: 13 May 2019, 10:25: AM »
I glad I got rid of our loft tank and have a direct feed.  :tu:
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