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Game Of Thrones Series 5

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damien c:
Oh dear 1st episode has not even been shown yet and the full first 4 episodes have been leaked on to the net.

Not in HD but it probably won't be long before the 720p or 1080p rips get leaked as well.

Huh....I'll keep a lookout for the 720p version  :tu:

OMG what have I just watched, and will there be any cast left by the time they get to the end of next series?

damien c:
Is does seem that they are killing off alot of the original cast, but it's also getting quite boring.

I have started watching other series now and I am keeping a eye on this to see if it picks up again.

I love it, my favourite show of late, not the most exciting of series' was this one, but i think it's setting up for series 6. Shame it's going to be at least a year until it comes out :(


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