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The Return of CoD 4


[NTHW] Clan:
The classic game Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has returned to [NTHW]!  We've added a server, hosted by Gaming Deluxe.

For a while now many of our members have been hinting of their desires to play the classic games that they remember from when they had a little more hair, and less rotund waistlines.  With no new modern games on the horizon that seems to get everyone's interest, we were seeing gaming activity drop and fragment.

Initially the server is set up in a standard game and map rotation.  Customisation with mods and maps can be expected.

The server is patched to version 1.7.   The server runs with punkbuster enabled and players must have this on their computers.  Punkbuster is no longer updated by Evenbalance for this game so online updating will not work.  The attached file provides the legacy punkbuster installation.

Regrettably we have taken the decision not to renew our CoD 4 server.  It simply was not getting enough use to justify it's existence :(


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