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so just on a hunch (okay CF) I downloaded the 1st 2 episodes of Camelot... pretty good a bit similar style of filming as Spartacus and it has Eva Green in it so cant go wrong there  8)

Its the more grown up version of Merlin :D

Going to go searching for this tonight - after FNG that is ;)

its pretty good and you see Eva in her Eva costume :D

It's not in the same league as the previous Starz serious of Spartacus, in that it is a bit slower paced.  The violence and bonking scenes are much less graphic.  But Eva in her Eva costume makes it a must see :D

I thought that the third episode of Camelot was poor compared to the first two.

I'm currently watching the usual US stuff (SGU, Nikita, Chuck, etc.) plus have started watching Spiral on BBC4 (French crime drama). I'll be starting on The Killing soon...


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