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The 2014/2015 Football Season

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New thread for a new season  :)

Any 'very' early predictions?

damien c:
For the Premier League I would say:

1st Chelsea
2nd City
3rd Liverpool
4th Arsenal
5th United


Leicester and QPR

Prem top six:
City (biased)
Man Utd

As a city fan I have to back my team for another title, provided we keep our key players and bring in some decent defensive minds to replace those leaving/not up to scratch. We don't need to bolster our attacking ranks as I feel that we are well supplied in the likes of kun, edin, stef and alvaro, plus the goal scoring abilities of our midfielders. our squad depth is our biggest strength, being able to swap out players who are tired/injured with someone of equal quality, no other team in the league can do that as much as we can, maybe chelsea could but it's not mourinho's style. getting rid of the dead wood in the side and bringing through more players from the youth system, guidetti, lopes and adbi ibrahim are prime examples of top quality potential in the youth/reserves. with some of our players reaching their last few years as players i feel like this year will be one where our younger generation will rotate in and take up the slack and when you take into consideration a fair few of our players that will be leaving are 'homegrown' it will be important to replace them with those of a similar designation.

I think Chelsea will do well, especially if they bring in fabregas to replace lampard, but mourinho's trait of focussing on europe rather than domestic honours will be his main drawback. They need a killer striker, like aguero, van persie, giroud and suarez. Ba isn't what he was at newcastle and we all know that torres is on the out in terms of potential and overall ability, Costa will give them that, providing he adapts to their style and the rigours of the prem.

Arsenal will be up there, too much quality to be any lower, i just dont see them pushing for the title, tournaments and europe will be their main focus.

Man utd will be back in the mix, although i think they need to really think about their squad and the quality it lacks in areas, defensively in particular, now vidic and ferdinand are gone, jones and co will need to step it up majorly. mifield they're not exactly young any more, if they bring in one or two decent central mids then they will dominate in most matches, theyre attacking mids need to be used more freely, mata, januzaj and kagawa are all world class and miles better than valencia and nani (where did he go?) so they need to link up and create the chances for the forwards, up front i think they will be ok, rooney needs to be deployed more directly, not as a shadow striker or attacking centre like he was last year, he needs to learn to partner someone a lot better than he does atm, van persie will need to get over his injuries and man up, or he'll lose confidence and fade out like berbatov did.

I can't see liverpool pushing for the title, not with europe to contend with, they just don't have enough depth and bringing in a few players from southampton won't change that, especially one who's coming to the end of his career in Lambert, Lallana would be a good purchase but i think the money would be better spent on someone with euopean experience, rues from dortmund or sanchez from barca, both would be available for the same 30m pricetag and both of a much better standard than lallana.

tottenham, despite their quality are no where near the same as they were with bale and modric in the side, i think they need to get rid of the freeloaders, like paulinho and soldado, both signings who failed to live up to the hype that got them their big money moves, i think erikson and lamela need to be used more, they're both class and can change games with a single pass or dummy. but without the stability of a long term head coach i think they will be bouncing around the top ten like a yo-yo.

These are my thoughts anyway, take it as you will.

Here's to another great season!

buxom fox:
Leicester to stay up!!!


--- Quote from: buxom fox on 03 June 2014, 07:49: PM ---Leicester to stay up!!!

--- End quote ---
Hell yeah they will!


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