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NTHellWorld have been busy making a few changes to our Battlefield 4 game servers hosted with Fragnet.  We now operate 3 servers to offer a range of gaming desires, usually in our favoured Hardcore settings.  We operate all DLC content such as China Expansion, and Second Assault (whenever that finally comes to PC).

Our largest "Chaos" server was originally of 66 players slots, 2 of which were allocated to BF4's Commander players.  However, after the first couple of weeks excitement the server capacity has rarely been used.  Thus we have reduced slots to 48 players.  Generally this server will be running games that benefit from Commander, including Conquest, Obliteration and Rush.

We retain our 20 slot "Warzone" server.  For a while this has been running a mix of Domination and TeamDeathMatch games, the latter having adaptive ticket counts.   With the latest updates, DICE broke the in game sound for some players on TDM, so that has temporarily been removed.  Our clanners who have rcon privileges (we quite like the Procon layer hosting bundled with Fragnet's servers) will soon be able to adapt game type and map rotations, in addition to the votemap functions.

The new third server, "Carnage" has 20 slots.  This will be a restricted use server which will limit player weapon use.  This is great for encouraging players to use lesser used weapons, and creates a different slant on the gameplay.  Initially we have it set for Pistol and Melee (Knife, Defib and Repair Tool) kills only, playing Domination type maps.  To keep things fresh we expect to periodically change the restrictions, and game types, for example bolt action snipers.


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