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Interested in the [NTHW] Clan - Then Read This!
Who Are We?
We are a group of avid gamers who like to shoot each other! :sniper:  A few of us have quite sharp knives too :ninja:

Most of us play for fun and to have a laugh with friends.  We try not to take things to seriously and whilst we don't participate in formal match leagues, the occasional friendly interclan scrim can be fun.
The tag [NTHW] refers to our roots on the nthellworld forums.

What do we Play?

The NTHellWorld Clan is primarily for computer gamers.  Our preferred current PC clan game is:
  • Battlefield 3
In the past we've played the Call of Duty series, Medal of Honour series and Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Other games are experimented with as something takes our fancy.

A few members have consoles, but unfortunately the xbox clan has become inactive.

The Public Computer Gaming NTHellWorld Clan Servers

Please see the servers page for full details on the computer gamer's clan servers.  Many are open to the public 365 days a year. Come join in and prove your mettle. :ninja:
Each PC gaming clanner contributes towards the funding of these servers.

When do we Play
There’s usually someone online every evening, most clanners playing at least once a week.  Busiest times are typically 9pm till bedtime. :sleep:
Special mention has to be made of FNG (Friday Night Gaming) and SNG (Sunday Night Gaming).

Just connect to the game server. If nobody is there, chances are others will join if you are patient.

The benefits of Clan Membership
Clan members have full access to the clan forums, including areas reserved for clan members only.
For the PC gamers there is “rcon” access to the server, for those who contribute to our server costs, allowing the ability to choose game and maptypes.

We also use Teamspeak for voice communication during gameplay.  It allows a friendly barrage of taunts without the need to type tediously.  In matches it also allows discussion of tactics.  The ability to chat to your mates, whilst killing them adds so much to the experience that it is mandatory for clanners.
And the biggest benefit: clanners can use the [NTHW] tag  8)

Please note that simply registering on our forum is not acceptance to the full clan and you may not claim to be a clanner or use these tags untill the recruitment process is successfully completed.

Can I Join?
We are always interested in new blood (literally), but full [NTHW] membership isn’t for everybody.  We are an adult clan.  More importantly many of us have become established friends so we need to be sure you are going to fit in.
We cannot normally accept anyone aged under 18, the exception being mature family relatives of existing clanners. 
Before applying, make sure you have shown your face.  Register and post on our forum a few times.  Above all it's a great idea to play online with us a few times.  We need the target practice!  It helps you to know us and us to know you.  If you haven't been seen much, please don't be offended if we ask you to wait a while before we accept you.
When you are ready, post your application in the Recruitment Forum, reminding us of the gamertag you used when on our game server, and telling us a little bit about yourself.  We’ll have a private vote and get back to you a few days later.  Even when accepted into the clan you'll be on probation for a while.
See you online. :tu: