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NTHW History

We thought a brief history of the NTHellWorld gaming clan would be useful.  It might not be told in a strictly accurate chronological timeline of events but concentrates more on telling the story like it was.

Xbox beginnings

The [NTHW] clan started in January 2003 playing Xbox games over Xbox Live.  It was initially set up by Caspar, and contained only a handful of members including Tez (Matt D), Jarandco and MyBoomstick.

The clan's home was an infamous website called  This supported customers of the UK cable TV and broadband supplier, ntl, from which is where the coloured [NTHW] tag originates.  Because of the popularity of this website, many more players joined the Xbox-only clan.

They played several games but Ghost Recon and Return To Castle Wolfenstein were the main ones enjoying a great summer of 2003.  In January 2004 they marked their first anniversary with a feature in the Official UK Xbox Magazine!

The move to

The clan moved to in June 2003 due to the imminent closure of .com where they found their familiar clan forums already set up by the admins.  They carried on playing together until around Spring 2004.   [NTHW] had become a very well known clan in the Xbox community but gradually the posts in the clan forums slowed and the Xbox division became somewhat idle.

The birth of the PC division

In February 2004, Caspar posted a thread on the forums after a few debates on whether to start a PC clan. The games were decided upon and the PC clan was born with early members including Bifta, KingPhoenix, Nemesis, skyblueheroes, Ramrod, Rough.D and Richard M.

[NTHW] PC gamers initially played Medal Of Honor, Battlefield 1942, Call Of Duty and Counterstrike.  After a while it became apparent that the popular games were Medal Of Honor and Counterstrike.

Cable Forum evolved into Cable Forum. However, the clan decided to keep the [NTHW] tag because of what it stood for: having a good time and not necessarily being in it to win.

Xbox clan dies

Sadly, Caspar decided to pull the plug on the Xbox division in mid 2004 due to the forums being idle and nobody really playing any more.

Many of the xbox members had joined the PC clan which was going from strength to strength.  The Counterstrike guys, led by S1lv3r, were concentrating on ladders and the Medal Of Honor players were having a good time.   They had also formed a good relationship with a clan called [SR] or Social Retards.

Goodbye Counterstrike

Counterstrike was dropped by the PC Clan partly due to the amount of cheating that was going on in the game in general.  It was replaced with UT2004 in late 2004 and while a few clanners started playing this, it never really caught on.  Medal Of Honor, achieved dominance, and only finally fell out of favour with the current PC clanners with the launch of Call of Duty 4.

Xbox clan returns!

Very late in 2004, the Xbox clan was reformed. Initially the Xboxers indulged in Ghost Recon 2 and Halo 2. They kept a low profile though, concentrating so much on their consoles that we rarely heard from them!

The arrival of the Xbox 360 was  an awesome event for the clan.

PC clan breaks free

Spring 2006 saw the fledgling PC clan up sticks to independence from Cable Forum to their own dedicated website and forums. They continued to evolve, with core games of Call of Duty: United Offensive, Medal of Honour: Spearhead and Battlefield 2.  The clan was active most evenings, running their own dedicated servers.

XBox Clan Merged
Autumn 2006 saw the [NTHW] clan rejoined at the hip.  The Xbox clan relocated from Cable Forum to the website.  The unified site provided a community for anyone into online gaming of whatever persuasion.

Dedicated computer servers

March 2008 saw [NTHW] gaming invest in a new dedicated gaming server hosted with INX-gaming.  This offered the clan a versatile managed platform on which to run a number of gameservers, together with support for our website.  We also migrated our primary domain name to

Xboxers Dissolved

Regrettably the xboxers proved to be rather fickle, and with too small a group of players rarely able to all agree on on-line time by August 2009 they had wandered off into sunset.  We wish them well, and hold a door open should there be interest for a console resurrection.

New Dedicated Game Server

The launch of Battlefield Bad Company 2 created new interest amongst the clan, but server licensing meant a change of game server provider.  In May 2010 we migrated to KillerCreation for our managed dedicated game server needs together with web site hosting.  Initially this allowed us to run 2 Battlefield and 3 Call of Duty Servers with the added benefit of migrating to TeamSpeak 3.  Since then we've added Medal of Honor 2010, and added the Vietnam Expansion Pack to BF:BC2.  Meanwhile Call of Duty Black Ops proved popular operating on a server purchased by our member Damien C.

Website Relaunched

March 2011 saw us moving our website software from vbulletin to Simple Machines Forum.  This gave us the opportunity to clear out a lot of dross, but had been prompted by a partial loss of data as we messed up our backups.

Battlefield 3

October 2011 saw us rent a 64 slot game server quickly followed by a 24 slot server from KillerCreation (now rebranded as Gaming Deluxe).  BF3 requires more hardware resources than previous games and thus the costs made us re-evaluate our needs.  Regrettably our dedicated server is retired leaving us to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.  With the later arrival of the Close Quarters Expansion pack, a third BF3 server was added.

Another Dedicated Server

A year later the clan took advantage of a great offer from Gaming Deluxe, and hired a fully managed Dell R210 Plus dedicated server.  This reduced our costs and yet enabled us to increase our player slot and ranked game server offerings whilst also addressing our rcon and voice server hosting needs.  We ran three Battlefield 3 servers and a CoD 4 game.

Battlefield 4

The launch of Battlefield 4 created some challenges for us, as EA/DICE culled their list of providers combined with raising their charges.  Unfortunately we were forced to move from Gaming Deluxe, and now rent our game servers from Fragnet.  Whilst the clan's interest in BF4 was initially high justifying three servers of various types and capacity, this has reduced to only two moderate slot games.

Meanwhile we have added some resilience by now hosting our website separately from game providers using Vidahost, whilst our TeamSpeak 3 server is hosted through Gaming Deluxe.

A sad day for NTHW arrived in May when for the first time anyone could remember, we found ourselves without a gaming server.  We retired our BF4 server as it was underused.  Over the last year or so our members have become increasingly diverse in their gaming tastes.  Many have been frustrated with Battlefield 1 not meeting expectations, and particularly that the server implementation has been appalling.  We continue to play, but for the time being look around for the next big thing.

The Future

The PC clan continues unabashed.  Many of us are perhaps broadening our horizons away from the FPS genre.   NTHellWorld gaming will continue to develop.  Anyone that wishes to join in the fun, please do post, or check us out in game.  You'll get a warm welcome.