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[NTHW] Cookies and Privacy


By visiting this website you agree to our use of cookies.

In common with most forum based software this website uses cookies.  The website cannot work without some cookies.  Indeed a majority of websites rely on cookies to function.

Cookies are small text files which contain small pieces of information such as username.  These are stored on your computer in a cache.  Session Cookies generally expire when you leave the website (although your browser may not automatically delete them, they are not reused and would be replaced if you revisit the site).  Persistent cookies are retained and reused when you return to the site.  Together the cookies provide us with some security functions, identify what parts of the site are being used together with collating some statistics, while for the user our software can remember your identity to determine the areas with which you may interact.  First party cookies are created directly by our site, whilst third party cookies are from functionality provided by other websites.

We do not use third party analytics or advertisement solutions, but do make use of some third party security systems.

Our main cookies are:
  • PHPSESSID - A first party session cookie providing website functionality, security and use tracking.
  • bb2_screener_ - A third party session cookie from the bad-behaviour antispam security system.
  • SMFCookie395NTHW - A first party persistent cookie (duration depends on user choice) issued and allocated only to our registered users on their login to the site which identifies the user and provides some website functionality, use tracking and  security.

In some instances forum content may be created by our users that is embedded from, linked to or hosted by third party websites such as youtube, imagshack, etc.  Such third party sites may require their own cookies for this content, over which we have no control.

You can use your browser's settings to block cookie use (you'll have to google for instructions, but usually that is buried in your browsers security and privacy options).  If you block cookies this site may not work properly.


We do respect your privacy.  We do not share any of our website and forum user data with others, unless required by legal process, or you have chosen to make it public via your forum's profile settings.

When you register, we record your email address users, together with IP addresses.  Other visits to the website, especially posting to it will also log your IP address.  These details are permanently retained, even if you leave the forum, so the software can match user account details, especially for future site security.  You might separately choose, but are not required, to provide us with details such as birthdates, through your forum's profile.   

Remember that content you provide to us acknowledges you as the author, and grants us the perpetual right to publish.  It will not be deleted on request or if you cease to be a site member, unless it breaches our site rules.

Our game servers may also record user names, IP addresses and Game User or licence codes such as the Battlefield software's GUID.  Our game servers are linked to anitcheat systems such as Evenbalance's Punkbuster, and Valve AntiCheat.  Your use of our game servers implies agreement that your gaming systems can be scanned and reported to such third party systems and any infraction could result game user information being shared across multiple systems.